About the items we make

We care what you look like and how you feel. We also care about the historic, tactile and aesthetic qualities of the fabrics we use. Therefore, each handcrafted item that we make for you, is a work of art.


An old linen cloth, a vintage dress, a scarf, tea-towel, or scrap of lace, all are treated like paints on an artists palette, and with the joy of a child who's been given a new pack of crayons. 


The color of thread and type of stitch, the frayed or torn edge, and the neat french seam, are all used to accentuate the fabric and design of each piece. We value raw edges as much as clean ones.


Do you enjoy a flamboyant color scheme or a nuanced, tone-on-tone approach? Evening wear during the daytime? Trousers made into a dinner jacket? Whatever your sartorial mission is, our aim is to help you feel fantastic while pursuing it.