who we are...so far...


Alison Williams:

Fabric finder, designer, creator, maker and owner.

Born in New Zealand, I moved to Scotland in 1989 and then to the States in 2000. Art, gardening and sewing have always been part of my life. My parents have a crazy, beautiful, incredibly abundant garden, which my father makes more beautiful each year. My mother is a sewing queen and bakes the best shortbread in the world (in addition, she is a demon lawn mower). They bought me a sewing machine for my 10th birthday - it was the best gift EVER. My first project was a rag-doll, because then I could make clothes for it.


My creative, rural, upbringing: gardening, milking cows, building fires, and bricolage of all sorts (brewing concoctions from plants to building tree-huts), has combined with my constant delight in fashion (I was a teenager in the 80's after all!!) and a fascination with old fabrics and antiques...throw in a profound concern for the environment, an enjoyment of repurposing, a love of texture and pattern, and we have re.find & de.find. Cindy Lauper, Adam Ant, J Morgan Puett, Cowgirls, Pioneers, early 1900's fashion, and MacGyver, are a sampling of my influences.


My first car was a 1966 Ford Ranchero, I still mourn its passing.

I have a BFA in Drawing and Painting and an MFA in VIsual Arts and have taught budding artists of all ages. I most recently worked at the New Hampshire Institute of Art for 9 years as faculty, Chairperson of Painting and finally as the Dean of Graduate Studies.


You can see my artwork online at www.alisonwilliams.org.


Julia LaFleur:
Editor, tag applier, shipper, and advice giver.

Julia is a New Hampshire native with a great appreciation for everything fabulous and beautiful, which is why she immediately said “YES” when Alison asked if she would consider helping with re.find & de.find.


She attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art for her Bachelors of Fine Art degree and graduated in 2007 with a concentration in ceramics.

Julia is a multidisciplinary artist, dancer, and teacher. She is passionate about making the world more beautiful while being mindful, sustainable, and compassionate.

She lives on a farm in NH with her husband, four cats, several dogs, a couple of sheep, a herd of goats, a white unicorn, and countless ducks and chickens.