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Custom Orders

Are you looking for something really special made just for you from fabric you love? Maybe you have a few yards of fabulous vintage fabric that "Great Aunt Mimi" passed on to you but you have no idea what to do with it. Or you bought a gorgeous piece of old embroidered linen at a yard sale because you "just had to have it". Or, your mother-sister-aunt-friend gave you a dress and you adore the fabric but not the cut. However you found that fabric 

Talk to us. Here's how we can help - you send us a photograph of the piece of fabric and complete the short form below with some personal measurements. We carefully curate it within a design that includes other reclaimed fabrics and we send you an "proof" image, and (hopefully) you say "that looks fabulous!!". You then send us the fabric and we go brrrrrrrrrrrm on the sewing machine and 7-10 days later you get a delightful package in the mail. 

A personal piece that is yours to wear for years to come and maybe even become a family heirloom for future fashionistas. 

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