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1998 - denim and blues

We hope whatever you were doing in 1998 it was glorious. This compact, reversible bag is made from a variety of cargo shorts and a fabulous tablecloth covered with the cutest birds. To this base we added pocket details from a 1998 linen teatowel, a denim jacket, and part of an old linen napkin. The shoulder strap unclips for convenience (and to make washing easier) while the smaller handles allow for easy use. This bag is soft and flexible, yet durable - it can be scrunched into a bundle or stuffed under a car seat with the cheerios ya'all keep down there (maybe since 1998) - from whence it can be released, dusted off, to join you in being hip and fab!!! Yeeehah! This bag says - embrace the slightly grungey yet very wonderful and aesthetic existence we all enjoy!!!!


Each bag is unique.


Neck - 11" wide (22" diameter) 

Length - 10" 

Strap - 26" (detachable)


1998 - denim and blues

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