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 Why we do this

Generations of people fought hard so that we could enjoy the freedoms we now do. We can go to the beach in a bikini, are comfortable in yoga pants, or can vamp it up in whatever we like. We no longer have to wear cod-pieces, corsets, knickerbockers, or wigs (unless we want to). Instead, we can gad about in jeans, shorts and well-cut, roomy shirts. The release from restrictions and the un-gendering of clothing means we are in an era in which we are able to revel in the choices we have. 

At re.find & de.find we use reclaimed and found fabrics, not just because it's better for the planet, but because it literally puts us in touch with the people who came before us.  

We create clothing that drapes you in a sense of history and envelops you in the patina of the past, yet firmly locates you in the present day. Each item is constructed to drape your contemporary and beautiful body in unique style, passion, grit, and dash.

We make these clothes because we love to, and we do this because we want you to feel connected, spectacular, playful, and enlivened when you wear them. 

Go for it.

Be spectacular.

My great grandmother hoped it for you. 

Great Granny Steedman

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